Waggies is pleased to announce the introduction of a mobile dog grooming service. This means that we will come to your home to groom your dog and neither you nor your dog will have the stress or inconvenience of going to a grooming parlour. We bring everything that is needed, including the grooming table. All we require of you is ample space, a peaceful relaxed environment, a bath (we will provide protective rubber matting to prevent scratching) and an electricity point.

During the groom your dog will be bathed (incorporating canine massage techniques and special coat conditioning treatments where necessary), clipped or scissored to suit his breed (or to meet your own requirements), have his eyes and ears cleaned and, where necessary, his nails cut and filed and anal glands emptied.

Do you have a busy lifestyle?

Do you find it difficult to make time to get your dog groomed? Why not let us come and groom your dog whilst you are out at work? Just provide us with a key and we will visit your home and groom your dog whilst you are away. What nicer welcome when you get home than an immaculate, sweet-smelling dog!?