Dog Boarding FAQs

What is the Waggies Foster Care Scheme?

Putting your dog into kennels can be traumatic for both you and your dog. Waggies’ Foster Care Scheme provides an alternative to kennels by allowing you to place your pooch with a loving foster family that will provide him with the same sort of love and attention that he is used to getting from you. Unlike some traditional boarding homes each of our dogs are placed with a different family. Often our customers’ dogs will return to the same foster family time and time again. With Waggies’ Foster Care Scheme you can spend time away from home safe in the knowledge that your dog is in the capable hands of people who will maintain his routine and love him and cherish him until you return.

Which Foster Family Will Look After My Dog?

We currently have more than 30 foster families based around Southampton and Eastleigh. There’s no set formula for what makes a good foster home and, as a result, our foster homes differ considerably. Some of our foster carers are experienced dog owners with dogs of their own – ideal for lively dogs who like to be in the company of their canine friends. Others are people whom, for whatever reason, do not currently have a dog of their own. Homes such as these are often ideal for dogs that prefer more tranquil surroundings and plenty of human company. All our foster care homes are carefully vetted.

What Does Having My Dog Fostered Involve?

  • The Initial Meeting

  • The key to finding the most suitable foster home for your dog is to understand his individual needs. We will first ask to come and meet you and see your dog in his home surroundings. We will use this opportunity to talk to you about his needs, exercise regime, diet, temperament, etc. This will allow us to create his unique Pet Profile which will enable us to select the most suitable foster family to look after him.

  • The Meet & Greet

  • Once we have recommended a foster family we will arrange a “Meet & Greet” session. This is your opportunity to take your dog to meet the foster family. It is your chance to assess the foster home for yourself prior to committing to any foster care arrangement.

  • When You Go

  • Your dog’s well-being is our key concern. That is why we will regularly visit your pooch in his foster home whilst you are away. This allows us to confirm that he is being well looked after and appears healthy and happy. Additionally, we offer a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week support line for our foster families should they require any sort of advice or assistance whilst your dog is in their care.

How much does it cost?

3 nights or fewer < 3 nights < 21 nights
First Dog £18 per day (or part day*) £16 per day (or part day*) £14 per day (or part day*)
Additional Dog £10 per day (or part day*) £10 per day (or part day*) £10 per day (or part day*)
* Part days are charged at full rate. For example, if your dog’s stay is Saturday to Saturday you will be charged for 8 days of foster care.